Positive Talk – Turning The Negative Into Positive

Posted May 4, 2012 by LSloane in Wellbeing

Discover how to master positive talk in your conversations. Here we examine the steps you need to take to identify the negative and to change it into positive talk before you speak. We also give some classic examples of negative talk and illustrate how you can change it into a positive alternative.


Positive Talk

How many of us actually think we are positive people yet allow negative talk to slip from our mouths in our conversations without realising it?

There is great awareness surrounding positive thinking and the effect it has on our health, mind and life in general. Many of us may have already mastered positive thinking. And if you have, congratulations. It is no easy feat.

Negative talk occurring in your conversations has an equal impact on your life as negative thinking does, if not more. When something is vocalised it becomes bigger. It has a bigger impact; not only on yourself but also on those around you.

Mastering Positive Talk:

Becoming a fully positive and optimistic person not only requires mastering positive thinking but mastering positive talk also. To master positive talk you need to make the conscious effort to identify and change what is about to slip from your mouth. Here are the steps to change your negative talk into positive talk:

  1. Awareness – You have to be aware of your talk. Many of us speak without thinking. This has to stop to ensure positive talk. You need to be aware when you are on the verge of negative talk.
  2. Identifying – Many of us speak negative talk without realising it. We are either speaking without actually hearing ourselves or we are unaware that what we have just uttered is negative.
  3. Change – Once you have mastered steps 1 and 2 you must then make the conscious effort to change your talk into positive talk before you actually speak. This is the tricky part. It takes practice. But if you can make the effort to change your talk regularly it will soon become second nature.

Identifying The Negative & Replacing With Alternative Positive Talk

Here are some classic examples of negative talk; examples many of us utter on a regular basis without realising what we are actually saying is negative. Here we offer positive alternatives:

  • I can’t do it – It’s difficult but i’m going to keep trying.
  • No I’ve never done it before – Yes lets try something new.
  • I’m never going to improve – I’ll keep trying until I get it.
  • No one bothers to make the effort – I will make the effort.
  • It’s too scary – Let’s take the chance.
  • It’s too difficult – I love a challenge.
  • She’s a horrible person – Were not compatible as friends.
  • No I don’t have the money – Let’s do something cheaper.
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