Straightforward Speaking: What Is The Meaning Of Karma?

Posted April 21, 2012 by LSloane in Spirit and Soul

Discover the meaning of karma. In this straightforward speaking analysis of what is meant by karma we examine both the common interpretation of the meaning of karma as well as its meaning on a more spiritual level; whilst acknowledging both the basic interpretations of the meaning of karma and the more philosophical interpretations in an attempt to determine the full meaning of karma.

The Meaning Of Karma

What is meant by karma? There is much controversy and debate over the real meaning of karma. On a basic level many believe karma to mean ‘good’ or ‘bad’ luck that is brought upon a person as a result of their ‘good’ or ‘bad’ actions. However the full meaning of karma goes much deeper than this simple interpretation.

The Meaning Of Karma – A Basic Philosophy

Many in western societies believe the meaning of Karma simply refers to the consequences of our actions. In that the universe has its own justice system, whether or not a person is held accountable for their actions by society, the universe will undoubtedly ensure a balance occurs and any unjust, immoral and selfish acts will be paid for and the person will suffer for their actions.

Karma works on many different levels. It is not only the severe acts of say the thieves, the murderers or the fraudulent bankers that the universe will balance out but everyday acts such as bullying, deceit, lying etc.

Many of us have witnessed someone dropping money as they walked out of shop and hesitated before calling after them. But how many others have stood back and then collected the money for themselves? Only to question at a later date why, being a ‘good person’ they deserve to have gotten that parking fine or have their CD player stolen from their car. This is an example of karma.

Many people will often refer to karma as meaning:

  • What comes around goes around.
  • A person will only reap what they sow.
  • Action causes reaction.
  • The consequences of our actions.
  • A  person gets what’s coming to them.
  • A person’s fate that is determined by cause and effect.

The Meaning Of Karma – A Deeper Philosophy

Life is like a mirror. How you act, think and what you hold in your heart is ultimately what the universe reflects back at you.

Many people believe the meaning of karma goes deeper than this basic interpretation. In that karma not only refers to the actions of a person but also their thoughts and intentions. Many people believe that being a good person, upholding morals and trying to live in harmony is not enough; if your intentions, thoughts and what you hold in your heart is not honourable also.

If you act one way on the surface but hold negativity, anger, jealousy and hate in your heart, then this is what you will bring upon yourself and encounter throughout your life. Only by having positive mindsets and truly thinking and behaving positively will you ensure this positivity is reflected back into your life.

What Is Meant By Karma – A Spiritual Interpretation

What is meant by karma on a spiritually higher level? Along with the interpretation that many of us hold regarding the meaning of karma, many spiritual beliefs also acknowledge that karma can refer to actions from a past life that follow you into the next life. This interpretation obviously calls for a belief in reincarnation. The notion of karma is particularly strong in the Buddhist and Hindu communities. The belief is that whilst some karmic debt will be paid off in the same lifetime, it is common for karma to follow you into the next life also.

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