Numerology: Destiny Number 6

Posted February 13, 2012 by Sara R in Spirit and Soul

Here we explore the destiny number 6. We will be exploring what it means to be a destiny number 6 and we will look at the qualities and the challenges that the number 6 is connected with. Destiny number 6 is symbolised by the six pointed star. It is associated with love, nurture, responsibility, and balance.

What It Means To Be A Number 6

You are the compassionate one; an individual who shines with love, kindness and understanding. You are the counsellor; always willing to take on any responsibility and constantly on hand to offer advice, support and comfort to others. You have a sense of wisdom and strength of character unlike no other, allowing you to connect with people from all ages and any walk of life. With this sensitive and understanding nature, you should always follow your intuition and your heart.

As a destiny number 6 you are the born nester of numerology. A strong, stable, loving family and a comfortable home are the two most important things in your life. You need a loving and secure environment and it is within this environment that you make an excellent parent. You have a brilliant imagination. You have a need to express this creative side and you adore collecting or making beautiful things for your home.

Challenges Of The Destiny Number 6

As a destiny number 6 you are always one to put others first and concentrate all of your energy into your loved ones but you often neglect your own needs. You can sometimes be too eager to please or leave yourself wide open for others to take advantage. You must learn to trust in life and go with the flow, as too often you can be over controlling of situations, too possessive or self centred particularly when it comes to the needs of your loved ones or home environment. You must exercise caution not to be too critical of both yourself and others. Be careful that wrapping yourself in your home and family life does not lead to isolation from the outside world.


You have a huge creative nature and these talents can be expressed through:

  • music
  • interior design
  • music

Careers that would suit your kind compassionate and strong nature would be:

  • counselling
  • nursing
  • teaching

Famous Number 6’s:

  • Thomas Edison
  • Christopher Columbus
  • Albert Einstein
  • John Lennon
  • Goldie Hawn
  • Stephen Spielberg.
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