Numerology: Destiny Number 33

Posted February 1, 2012 by Sara R in Spirit and Soul

Here we look at the destiny number 33. In this in depth analysis we examine what it means to be a destiny number 33 and also what characteristics and challenges are associated with the number. Destiny number 33 is known as the master healer of love. It is quite rare to find a person with this destiny number and it would usually indicate the person is destined for some great purpose in life. This number is associated with compassion, the spiritual uplifting of mankind and the teacher of teachers.

What It Means To Be A Number 33

You as a destiny number 33, whether consciously aware of it or not, have a significant life purpose. An enlightened individual who has embarked upon the search for knowledge and wisdom, you are destined for greatness. Usually someone who is a destiny number 33 is fated to sacrifice their life for a specific belief or idea. You have both the vision and intuitive ability to see the biggest picture in life.

You set yourself very high standards and are wholly dedicated to meeting and exceeding these expectations. You have an abundance of compassion and what can only be described as unconditional love for the world and humanity. Deep and intense emotions and acute sensitivity bear a great significance in everything that you do.

Challenges Of The Destiny Number 33

As a destiny number 33 it is extremely important that you master your own thoughts and feelings. You can be a sensitive soul, and should you not learn to control your emotions may suffer much hurt from other people’s energies. Your sensitive soul may withdraw too far, you must exercise caution against becoming too unemotional towards others as a means to protect yourself. The destiny number 33 must also be careful not to become consumed with self doubt. Once you have found the self confidence within yourself, and once you have made soul contact with your own feelings, then you will have the freedom to be more expressive towards others. You can also be quite the perfectionist.


Destined for some greater purpose in life; many people with the destiny number 33 become great spiritual, religious, political or military leaders. Your natural desire to help and put the needs of others before your own makes you an excellent teacher or councillor.

Famous Number 33’s:

  • Albert Einstein
  • Steven Spielberg
  • John McEnroe
  • John Lennon
  • D.H. Lawrence
  • Stephen King
  • H.G. Wells
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    This was a fascinating read. When I did my number calculation, I just sat there, dumbfounded. I went back and did it again to see if I’d made a mistake. Because though I legally changed my name in 1980, and have since married, my birth name, being the one I used to calculate, turned out to be 33.. Intense. For years I have been involved in community service, in various ways. I recycle clothing and appliances for the needy, rescue animals, cook for people who live in places with no kitchens (SRO’s, etc), and volunteer to keep house for elderly, poor people with dementia who can still remain at home. Really something the way in which this describes me! I also used to donate blood (I have a rare type) and also, my hair, for wigs to people in chemotherapy with hair loss. And I married a man who came up here from New Orleans, after surviving hurricane Katrina. He was at loose ends in terms of his OWN destiny and, we wound up together. Impressive, and I intend to study this further. Many thanks.


      It was a great pleasure to read your comment Cindy on union square!! Numerology is a fascinating subject and although these articles are designed to give the basics, there is more in depth info out there. It seems you are already well on your way to making a huge difference. Continue the great and rewarding work!

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