Straight Forward Speaking: Numerology and the Destiny Number

Posted March 2, 2012 by LSloane in Spirit and Soul

Throughout this article we take a look at numerology and the destiny numbers on a basic level; looking at what numerology is and how it is used. We also examine what can be gained by finding out your destiny number; how you will discover insight into your life’s purpose, the challenges you will encounter and the opportunities you will come across. For in depth analysis of the 12 destiny numbers refer to our 12 destiny number articles.

What Is Numerology?

Numerology is the study of numbers and their symbolic meanings. It is based on the notion that certain numbers have an emblematic significance, which is used to provide information and offer insights. Numerology is used on a regular basis by spiritual practitioners but aside from these spiritual professionals, numerology is also used by ordinary individuals, mathematicians, business men and has even been known to influence stock market analysts.

How Is Numerology Used?

The most common numerology practice is to take a person’s name and birth date to determine their destiny number. This destiny number has great symbolic meaning and can offer much insight into a person’s personality and destiny. Each number has a different vibration, which in turn helps people find direction and meaning in life. Numerology is often used in everyday life; some people take their destiny number as their ‘lucky’ number, others consider the significance and symbolic meaning of numbers when buying a house, picking lotto numbers or buying a car etc.

What Is A Destiny Number?

A destiny number which can also be described as the expression number, is the number that is generated using a person’s birth date. There are twelve main destiny numbers all of these are unique and pertain a unique symbolism.

Each number has a different meaning and will offer insight into a person’s destiny; the direction and purpose of their life, revealing the challenges, opportunities and lessons they will learn throughout your lifetime.

Many seek insight into their own destiny number for various reasons; reasons such as to help them examine their life, find confidence to explore opportunities, make the most of their strengths, be aware of their weaknesses, discover their full potential and destiny or purely just to understand themselves and others better.

There are twelve destiny numbers; number one through to number nine are the main numbers and numbers eleven, twenty two and thirty three are known as the master numbers.

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    How do you go finding out your destiny number? Do you have to pay for it?


      Not at all Hannah, it’s a simple equation. We would recommend using Soul Contact’s calculator, it’s quick, easy and free

      Many numerology websites offer numerology readings, usually they’re free at the basic level but then will charge for the more in depth readings.
      Hope this helps – LSloane

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