Dream Meanings – Analysis Of Pregnant Dreams

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Learn what it means to dream about pregnancy in this analysis of pregnant dreams. Here we offer a complete analysis of the meaning of pregnant dreams; find out what it means when you dream of yourself being pregnant or of someone else being pregnant. Pregnant dreams do not usually indicate that a pregnancy is imminent; in this analysis we give you an overview of all possible interpretations of pregnant dreams to help you find the meaning of your pregnant dream.

General Analysis – Pregnant Dreams

Dreaming of pregnancy is usually symbolic of:




  1. Development and growth. Pregnant dreams can be interpreted as a new period of inner growth that is beginning.
  2. Beginnings. Dreaming of pregnancy is usually indicative of the start of something new. It is symbolic of the birth of a new idea or direction and also the beginning of a new project. Can also be interpreted as the beginning or development of new skills and characteristics.
  3. Patience. Dreaming of pregnancy is symbolic of a period of waiting. You must be patient and wait for a natural progression to the finished product.

The Meaning Of Specific Pregnant Dreams

Dreaming you are pregnant can have various meanings. It is important to analyse the specifics of the dream:

If you dream pregnancy when you are not trying to get pregnant is symbolic of fear; the fear of change or the fear of new responsibilities. However if you are trying to get pregnant and dream of pregnancy this can be interpreted as a wish you have, be that to get pregnant or a wish for something else in your life, is about to be realised.

Dreaming you are giving birth to non human babies is very common,  particularly if you are actually pregnant. This is indicative of your fears and anxieties regarding pregnancy and labour.

If you are pregnant and dream of pregnancy this could be symbolic of anxieties surrounding your pregnancy. Are you anxious that you will make a good mother or do you have concerns regarding the labour?

Dreaming of a man being pregnant means you have a desire for a particular man in your life to take control or take responsibility for something.

If you dream that someone else is pregnant this is symbolic of your relationship; a connection is growing between yourself and that person.

Dreaming that you have a dying baby inside you means there is something in your life that is deteriorating; perhaps a new project or relationship is not working out as you had hoped.

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