Dream Meanings – Analysis of Falling Dreams

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Discover what it means to dream that you are falling in this analysis of falling dreams. Here we offer a complete analysis of the meaning of falling dreams. We examine the most common meanings of a falling dream, the other possible meanings and also what factors within your dream will help you in your analysis of your falling dream to fully understand the meaning behind your dream.


Quick Analysis: Falling Dreams Meaning

Dreaming that you are falling is almost always symbolic of your lack of:



Confidence and Security


Dream Meanings – Dreaming You Are Falling

Dreaming that you are falling is a clear indication there is an issue in your life that needs addressing immediately. To help you in your analysis of your falling dream we have given the 3 most common meanings of a dream of this nature:

1. Grounding.
Dreaming of falling often means there is an an area or situation in your life whereby you need to be more grounded. Take this dream as a warning that you need to stay rational and level-headed.

2. Control.
You have lost control in some area of your life. This dream is warning you that you need to urgently gain control of whatever you have lost control of.

3. Confidence and Security.
In an analysis of falling dreams it is important to consider if there is an area of your life where you lack confidence; perhaps in a relationship or in your career? This dream is urging you to believe in yourself and to, figuratively speaking, believe that you can fly. This dream could also indicate that you are threatened by a lack of security, either in a situation or in a relationship.

Falling Dreams Analysis – Other Possible Meanings:

In your analysis of a falling dream it is important to also consider the other possible meanings that this dream could be indicating:

  • Failure. Dreaming that you are falling can be symbolic of a goal you had set yourself and failed at.
  • Fall from grace. Another interpretation of this dream is that you have failed spiritually. Are you on a destructive path spiritually? Have you lost your way or forgotten your morals?
  • Forgotten who you are. It is said we fall when we forget who we are and where we come. This dream is warning you not to forget other who have supported you and helped you become what you are today.

In Depth Analysis:

To fully understand and analyse your dream in order to discover its full meaning it is important to consider other factors in the dream:

  1. The Location. Remembering the location of where you fell is a great indicator of where in your life the issue or problem is.
  2. Who was present in your dream? Remembering who was with you when you fell can give you an insight into who is causing your issue. If you dream you are falling alongside work colleagues this indicates you are all experiencing the same issues or is you dream yourself and your partner are falling together, the issues is something that concerns both of you.
  3. Were you frightened? If you were this indicates the issue that is troubling you needs addressing urgently. If you weren’t frightened this indicates that there is an issue but that you are overcoming it.
  4. Were you pushed? If you were pushed this could be symbolic of someone who is pushing you in life. Is someone pushing you too hard mentally? Are you pushing yourself too hard? Or perhaps you are feeling overworked in your employment.
  5. Are you holding on for dear life? This indicates you are in a situation or there is an issue that you have little or no control over but are desperately trying to correct all the same.
  6. Have you lost grip? If you dream you have lost grip and are falling to your death this is symbolic of confidence and again control. Is there a situation in your life that you are lacking confidence?
  7. Did you slip? If you slipped and before falling this could indicate there is an area of you life that you are slipping up in. You need to get back on track.
  8. Does someone help you? If you have fallen and someone is there to aid you this implies that you are in a tough situation but someone will come to your aid and help you out of it.
  9. Did you fall into water? If you fell into water this suggests you are at an emotional breaking point. This dream is warning you that you need to be stronger and correct whatever is causing this emotional upset.
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