Need Extra Assistance? How The Archangels And Other Healing Angels Can Help You

Posted March 7, 2012 by LSloane in Spirit and Soul

Discover which healing angels can be called upon to help you. In this overview of healing with the angels we examine both the archangels and the other angels that are used regularly for healing; giving you an insight on which angels can be invoked to help with which problems, situations or health complaints. As well as asking your own guardian angel for support and guidance, the archangels and other healing angels can be called upon to provide extra help and assistance.

The angel that you invoke is dependent upon the situation you find yourself in as they are all associated with different areas of life and each have control over different life situations.

The Archangels:

  • Archangel Gabriel – The angel for hopes and dreams. It is useful to call upon Archangel Gabriel  when you need to to boost your faith and renew your sense of hope. He supports our ambitions in life and helps us focus on our dreams to get the ultimate out of life.
  • Archangel Michael – The angel of strength and protection. Call upon Archangel Michael for support in strengthening the mind and the body. He can help ease fear, negative emotions and illness; you can also call upon him to help protect you from dark or harmful energies.
  • Archangel Raphael – Also known as the archangel of healing. His name means ‘God has healed’ and it is useful to call upon him to assist with both physical and mental well-being.
  • Archangel Uriel – Known also as the psychologist angel. It is useful to call upon Uriel to help heal toxins from thoughts and emotions and also release anger and unforgiveness. 

Other Healing Angels:

  • Camael – He provides the strength and courage needed to overcome any issues of anger and bitterness and helps you learn to forgive. You can call upon Camael should you feel justifiable anger due to circumstance or situations or should you need the strength and courage to overcome emotions of fear or anxiety.
  • Zadkiel – Is often called upon to help us achieve our possibilities. He provides support in both our careers and also our personal growth. He can help us in matters of abundance and success.
  • Haniel – It is useful to call upon Haniel when you need assistance with love, relationships and friendship. Haniel is the angel also associated with compassion and beauty.
  • Cassiel – The angel of peace, harmony and serenity; call upon Cassiel should you feel stress and disorder in any aspect of your life.

Quick Reference: Angels & Healing

  • Achaiah – Patience
  • Barakiel – Psychic development
  • Camael – Courage
  • Hamaliel – Health Matters
  • Isda – Nourishment and diet issues
  • Machidiel – Self belief & Assertiveness
  • Michael – Peace
  • Mihr – Friendship
  • Muriel – Ageing issues & sensitivity
  • Phanuel – Repentance
  • Phul – Emotional healing
  • Purah – Forgetfulness
  • Tual – Security
  • Zeruch – Strength

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