About Angel Cards And Picking The Best Pack

Posted March 5, 2012 by LSloane in Spirit and Soul

Throughout this article we offer insight about angel cards and how to pick the pack that is best for you; understanding the varieties available and also what information should be included in the guidebook that accompanies the cards. As there are various types of angel cards available it is important to understand about the differences and to know what you are looking for beforehand.

About Angel Cards

Angel cards are used as a method to convey messages and advice to you from your angels. Many people use cards when they have a difficult decision to make, are at crossroads in their lives, have a question they need answering or need advice on how to deal with a specific issue. Many people also use angel cards at difficult times in their lives as their always optimistic and inspirational messages provide comfort. Many however, choose to select cards with no particular question in mind, trusting that the angels will give whatever message they feel is important for that time in the person’s life.

Picking Your Cards

You can purchase angel cards online or in any bookstore.When purchasing your pack of angel cards it is important to understand that there are various types available; some are more in depth and offer complex insight whilst others use simpler terminology and offer gentle suggestions. If you are a beginner it may be wise to begin with the more simpler cards and move onto the more in depth ones once you are accustomed to them.

When selecting which angel cards are right for you could consider:

  • Reviews and recommendations – The Internet is a great way to find feedback on the different types of angel cards.
  • The author – Who has designed the cards? Are they reputable? Do they have impressive experience in the field of angel readings?
  • Which pack feels right – Are you drawn to particular pack?
  • The price – There are many packs of angel cards being sold that are extremely pricey. Consider whether you would actually get more from these packs than you would if you paid the usual price.

Several packs can be used in conjunction with each other so if you have a set of angel cards already adding more packs to your collection will not complicate your reading, but rather enrich it. Many people work from several packs combined to perform one reading or they may select particular packs depending upon their mood or what they are looking for from the reading.


All packs of angel cards should be accompanied with a guide book providing more information about the angel cards. If the ones you are considering does not have a guide book included I strongly recommend you do not purchase them. A guide book offers necessary information needed to use the cards correctly.

The following information will always be included in a decent pack of cards:

  1. Instructions on how to conduct your reading: preparing yourself, preparing the cards and clearing energies from the cards, as well as information on connecting with your angels and asking and interpreting questions.
  2. Insight on the significance of cards that fall out of the pack or are upside down after they are dealt.
  3. Instructions on giving someone else a reading.
  4. The various spreads you could use and single card readings.
  5. Full and indepth interpretation of all the cards.

This article acknowledges only a small area on the subject of angels and angel cards. Should you be interested in obtaining more information about angel cards please read our other related articles.

Did you enjoy this article? Have you experiences in this topic that you would like to share with us. If so, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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    I find this quite intriguing, can anyone interpret these cards or do you need to have some type of special sense


    I don’t have a special sense (I don’t think) and I use angels cards an awful lot. You do need to obviously believe in angels and talk to your angels to use them though. Do you know much about angels cards? Have you ever tried talking to your angles or asking them for help? Most packs of angel cards have an introduction which helps you begin communicating with your angels. The cards themselves and not like tarot cards where I would say a gift to read them is needed, they are used as a way for your angels to communicate messages to you. The angels guide you to pull certain cards that have meaning. I always use mine to ask the angels a question and their answer lies in the card they guide me to pull.

    Hope this helps Stacey.


      I don’t know about Angel Cards at all, but I am quite intrigued about them and thinking about looking into them more.
      Many thanks for your advice Sammy55


    If you’re interested then def try them!! I wouldn’t be without mine. They have helped me get through some tough times.

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