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Turn negative thinking into positive thinking with these important tips for positive thinking. Here we examine how to achieve a positive and optimistic frame of mind.

Positive thinking is more than just thinking happy thoughts; it’s a conscious choice of how we look at situations, a choice of what we let enter our thoughts and it is optimism and hope. Positive thinking is not burying your head in the sand so that the nasty and unpleasantness of life doesn’t affect you. Positive thinking is being open to all that life throws at you but approaching and viewing it in a positive and productive manner.

Tips For Positive Thinking

Become the master of your own thoughts right now. By following these simple tips for positive thinking you can begin your journey towards a new you:

Tips For Positive Thinking – 1. Identify Negative Thoughts And Negative Talk

One of the most important tips for positive thinking is to be conscious of your negative thoughts. Try to identify your negative thinking as it occurs and make the conscious effort to turn the thought into a more positive one. This is not easy; it requires reprogramming years of habits and mind sets but with continued effort you will find that positive thinking becomes second nature.

It is vital that this tip for positive thinking is also applied to what you say. Verbalising your negative thought has a greater impact than if it were to remain in your head only. It also impacts and affects those around you. Before you begin to speak a negative thought, stop yourself and think of a positive alternative.

Remember that life is like a mirror – it reflects back at us that which we give out. If you allow negativity; thoughts, talk and actions to dominate your life then this negativity is what you will attract. If you choose to live life through positive eyes, with positive thoughts and positivity in your heart then you will attract into your life all that is positive.

Tips For Positive Thinking – 2. Surround Yourself With Positive People

This is another essential tip for ensuring positive thinking becomes your natural mind set. Not only is other people’s negativity draining; on your happiness, your health and your state of mind, but it is also contagious. Don’t allow yourself to be pulled down by other peopl’es negativity. By surrounding yourself with positive people you will find their positivity rubs off on you.

Positivity and optimism breed happiness, health and abundance.

This is a very difficult change to make. We all know that some of our oldest friends or closest family members are not good for us, their negativity having a lasting impression on our energy and our mind long after they have left our company. But more often than not you will not want to cut yourself off from these loved ones. Try to distance yourself for a period. Take this time to strengthen your own positivity and ultimately learn how  to protect yourself from their negativity.

Protecting Yourself From Other People’s Negativity:

  • Ignore their negative statements. Change the subject to something positive. Try not to get pulled in to their arguments, debates or bitching.
  • Invest in a protective crystal such as topaz which can turn negative energies and emotions into positive and Carnelian which protects against negative energies, particularly negative emotions. Keep a crystal close when in this person’s company or purchase a piece of crystal jewellery. Ensure your crystal has been thorough cleansed after each negative situation. For more information read our article ‘cleansing a crystal‘.
  • Visualise a protective bubble that is surrounding you. Inside this bubble you cannot be affected by the person’s negativity.
  • Tell yourself that you will not be affected by this person’s negativity. Say it in your mind or say it out loud. And then repeat it. Repeat as many times as you feel necessary. Remember our mind is our most powerful tool.

Tips For Positive Thinking – 3. Be Pro-Active

Another one of the most important tips for positive thinking is to be pro-active. You cannot sit back with the intention and expect a change to happen:

  1. Keep A Gratitude Diary – Everyday write a list of the things that you are thankful for. The benefits of this are immense. By focusing on what makes you happy; the good things in your life then you will naturally develop a more positive outlook on life.
  2. Write A List – List everything that you want to change in your life. Start with small tasks. These small steps all contribute to the bigger picture. If something makes you unhappy- change it. If you’re involved in a negative situation – change it. By changing the things in our life that we don’t like we are actively moving towards happier and positive beings.
  3. Create Positive Affirmations – Write a couple of positive affirmations and repeat them every day.
  4. Ask For Assistance – Whether spiritual or not requesting assistance is a powerful aid. Voicing what you wish to change is a huge step in making that change. Speak to God, Angels or the Universe. Ask for help and support in making the changes to become a more positive person.
  5. Visualise – Visualisation is another extremely powerful tool for bringing about change. Visualise a happier more positive you. Visualise yourself having positive conversations and visualise yourself speaking positive statements.
  6. Read - Reading positive literature, books or quotes will encourage a more positive mind set.

Tips For Positive Thinking – 4. Do What Makes You Happy

You must create happiness in your life to allow positivity to develop:

  • Find Your Inner Child – Do you remember what it felt like to be a child. To look at the world through the innocent and excited eyes of a child. Try to recapture this. Do something that stimulates these feelings again.
  • Physical Activity and Fresh Air – Exercise releases ‘happy’ hormones, combine this with fresh air and you will instantly feel healthier and happier, helping keep you in a positive mind frame.
  • Meditate or Yoga – In clearing your mind and fully relaxing you will able to banish worries, concerns or negativity from your mind.
  • Smile – Do something that makes you smile everyday. Sing, watch feel good movies, listen to music that makes you feel happy, dance around your kitchen.
  • Help Someone – Do a good deed. A small gesture or small token can make you feel amazing.

Tips For Positive Thinking – 5. Change Your Expectations

This tip is paramount in finding happiness and becoming a positive person. Negativity comes in many guises; judgement and criticism being immense contributors:

  1. Be Accepting – Accept others; their choices and actions but most importantly accept yourself. Learn to love yourself. In harbouring negative feelings towards yourself and others you are preventing positivity into your mind and into your life.
  2. Learn To Forgive – Forgive yourself and others. Carrying hurt and bitterness will have poisoning affects not only on your mind and emotions but also on your physical health.
  3. Learn To See The Good -  There is a great deal of negativity in the people around us, but we have to learn to see the positive.  You also must look for the good in the world. There is a lot of negativity in the world but we must focus our attention on what is positive.
  4. Take Responsibility – Take responsibility for your own situation and your own life. Don’t blame your negativity on others. You are the only person who is responsible as it is you who is letting negativity affect your mind and your life.

Did you enjoy this article? Have you experiences in this topic that you would like to share with us. If so, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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