How To Prepare For A Reiki Attunement

Posted April 27, 2012 by Mechelle Richards in Holistic Healing

Discover how to prepare for a Reiki attunement. Here we examine the changes you need to make in your diet and your habits and most importantly we examine how you can prepare yourself spiritually, emotionally and mentally for the Reiki attunement process.


Reiki attunements are very spiritual experiences. The Reiki attunement energy works most effectively if the student has undergone a process of cleansing in order to prepare for a Reiki attunement.

How To Prepare For A Reiki Attunement – Recommendations


To prepare for a Reiki attunement it is recommended that for 3 days prior you:
Avoid eating meat or fish.
Avoid alcohol.
Avoid caffeinated drinks.
Avoid any recreational drugs or cigarettes.
Limit prescription and over the counter drugs to only what is necessary.
Limit high sugar, ‘junk’ or processed foods.


Other Preparations For A Reiki Attunement:

  • Meditate – If you are familiar with meditation or practice yoga regularly it is recommended that you increase your practice for a week before your Reiki attunement. If you don’t practice meditation or yoga it is necessary that you spend quality time alone in silence.
  • Exercise – For a week prior to your attunement it is recommended that you get reasonable exercise. Walks or cycle rides by the beach, in a forest etc would be most effective in preparing for a Reiki attunement.
  • Breathe fresh air – Get as much fresh air as you can. Sit in the garden and go for walks regularly.
  • Eliminate media – Watching television, using your computer, listening to the radio and reading newspapers.
  • Think – When alone or walking in nature take time to ponder ideas, philosophy and spiritual concepts.
  • Pray – Whether religious or not; talk to god, talk to your angels or talk to the universe. Ask for assistance in preparing for your attunement and ask to be as open as possible to the experience and the spiritual energies.
  • Release – Release all negative emotions and negative experiences. Thank god, your angels or the universe for the lessons you have learnt from these emotions or experiences and ask for help in releasing them.  This is particularly important to help you prepare for a Reiki attunement.
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