A Thorough Examination Of Hypnotic Gastric Band Therapy

Posted February 26, 2012 by LSloane in Holistic Healing

Discover everything you need to know about hypnotic gastric band therapy. Here we show you why the hypnotic gastric band is fast becoming the popular alternative to the gastric band operation. The aptly named hypnoband or gastric band hypnotherapy as it’s also known offers all of the benefits of the surgical gastric band with none of the trauma, risks or side effects usually associated with the surgical procedure.

Hypnotic Gastric Band – The Basics

To put it simply the hypnotic gastric band therapy is a series of hypnotherapy sessions that mimic gastric band surgery. Hypnotherapists in many cases will re-enact the whole procedure, often staging sessions in operating theatres; wearing a surgeons gown, using props and sound effects of a real operating theatre. The subconscious mind is then tricked into believing that a real gastric band has been fitted.

How the Hypnotic Gastric Band Therapy Works

Hypnotic gastric band sessions are usually divided into two stages. Using hypnosis and cognitive behaviour therapy the hypnotherapist will initially address the emotional and psychological issues relating to why the individual overeats. This stage is particularly important as only once these underlying issues have been resolved can the individual begin to think about food in a positive manner, ultimately allowing them to be in control of their eating habits.

The second stage of the sessions is the fitting of the ‘virtual’ gastric band. The individual is induced into a hypnotic state and when in this state the conscious mind becomes closed off and the subconscious mind comes to the forefront. The therapist will then talk directly to the subconscious mind, any new ideas or mind sets that the therapist offers are accepted as a given.

The individual completes the hypnotic gastric band sessions with both a positive attitude to food and a smaller appetite… they are then ultimately on their way to achieving weight loss.

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    Matt M

    For this Hypnosis Gastric band to have any chance of working surely you need to be a strong minded person in the first place???

    Ludmilla Z

    I had a friend who went to get hypnosis done he wanted to stop smoking but the guy he went to couldn’t hypnotise him. The guy said his mind was much too strong, he said it was quite rare but it can happen where a person’s mind is much too strong. It seems the opposite of what you said. I think for any kind of hypnosis to work you have to really want it to work and you have to believe it will work. My friend is still smoking 5 years on


    I can vouch for hypnosis. I had it done for smoking 3 years ago, took 4 sessions and listening to cd’s… cost $300 intotal but well worth it. Def recommend.

    Wendy Richards

    Gastric band hypnotherapy recently helped my sister lose around 40 pounds, so I know it works. May try this out as I’m a bit shy to see a hypnotist.

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