The Magic of Fairy Doors

Posted June 5, 2014 by LSloane in Enchanted Living

What are fairy doors? How do they work? And more importantly how do we use a fairy door to invite a magical fairy into our home? Fairy doors are an enchanting way for children and grown ups to connect with the fairy world. But one question remains… Do you believe in fairies?


What are Fairy Doors?

Fairy doors may appear to be just a plain wooden door to some people. But fairy doors are magical! Only when you believe. Any fairy door can be magical all you need is a heart full of belief and a sprinkle of fairy dust.

Here’s how to invite a fairy into your home:

  1. Buy or make you very own fairy door (Choose any design that YOU like. It can be pretty, it can be fun, it can be bright and sparkly. Your  fairy will love it if you love it.)
  2. Find a special place in your home or garden and secure the door in place.
  3. Once your door is secure and in place an alert will be magically sent to fairyland and your fairy will prepare themselves for the move (But don’t worry, it won’t take take them too long to pack their suitcase.)
  4. Leave a key to the fairy door somewhere where the fairy will easily find it (We wouldn’t want your fairy to arrive and not able to find the key!)
  5. At bedtime sprinkle some fairy dust over the fairy door and go to sleep. Warning: don’t try to stay awake to grab a peek at your fairy. Fairies do not like to be seen and they have lots and lots of patience. Only when you are sleeping will the fairy silently move into your home.
  6. AND when you wake up, you will find the fairy door key gone. Most fairies will even leave you a welcome note (don’t worry about trying to read their small handwriting, remember fairies have magical powers and can write really big notes.)

Now you have your very own fairy living in your home or garden!

Do’s and Dont’s when using your Fairy Doors


  • Leave notes  for your fairies. They will write back.
  • Tell your fairy what your wishes are. Fairies love to help wishes come true.
  • Remember that fairies like to sleep during the day. Too much noise may disrupt your fairy, and whilst they never get angry fairies do need a good night’s sleep so they can carry out their important fairy tasks.


  • Pull or disturb your fairy door.
  • Worry if your fairy moves toadstools or other fairy items into your home. They will usually only use the space around the fairy door, it is the special place you have given them to make their home.
  • Forget your fairy may be watching you. Fairies love good behaviour, kindness and love. It makes them happy.
  • Stop believing! Your fairy will live with you for as long as you believe.

We just love these handmade fairy doors made in Ireland.

There are thousands of fairies looking for a home. What are you waiting for? Put a fairy door in your house or garden and give a fairy a home.

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