Leprechaun Names

Posted September 11, 2014 by LSloane in Enchanted Living

Do leprechauns have names? After much research, and discovering much about the history behind the name ‘leprechaun’, I have concluded that individual leprechauns themselves do not have names. Or is it perhaps that they do, but we as humans have never conversed with a leprechaun long enough to find out its name!

Visit The Enchanted Garden, an Irish website,  for handy hints on how to catch a leprechaun and check out their leprechaun fairy doors (leprechaun doors MUST help lure a leprechaun, surely!?!)

There are many stories in Irish folklore featuring leprechauns, yet never at any point do we find out the names of these leprechauns. Are they nameless beings or is it irrelevant within the folklore stories that we find out the leprechauns name?? Should anyone ever manage to catch one of these cheeky beings, please make sure to ask his name!

Leprechaun Names

Now, for a little fun. I have collected a list of possible leprechaun names. They are entirely fictional leprechaun names, but given the nature of the leprechaun, we can almost imagine the following names to be a sure possibility in reality.

What is your leprechaun name?

Here is a list of leprechaun names

Use the table below to discover your own leprechaun name.



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